World’s First Latex White Ink

Latex White Ink realizes the natural vividness of colors by being used as a ground to print on unicolored and transparent or colored materials. Very effective in the manufacture of window graphics etc.

Eco-friendly water-based ink

Water-based «LX100» has very little VOC (volatile organic compound) and does not need special ventilating equipment. This is an eco-friendly ink which reduces the operator’s health load.

Available in all scenes outdoors or indoors

Latex ink fixes pigment to media because the resin contained in the ink dissolves with the heater, forming membrane. Therefore, it can be outputted on vinyl chloride and tarpaulin indispensable for sign manufacture and on most media that are used in eco-solvent machines. Moreover, non-coat media without acceptance layer, such as paper and cloth, can be printed as well. This excellent media capability is attractive. Future print business can be expanded.

Color mode selectable to your work

Eight ink cartridges can be attached and you can choose color configuration of ink at the time of introduction. If 7-color mode (CMYKLcLm+ white) supporting white ink or large output, such as bill board, is mainly used, higher productivity 4-color mode with two CMYKs each can be chosen.